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R2 Step Up to Pro-Level Performance Employing much of the leading-edge technology and engineering from our Project California facility, the R2 performs to the standards of professional-level riders and is outfitted for practicality and durability. Using the same frame as our R3, the R2 is lighter than the competition and far more aerodynamic. With this much value in one bike, it's time to step up to pro-level performance. Lightweight and Precise Features that make your ride lighter and smoother let the R2 offer value along with true Cervélo lineage. With plenty of clearance for wider tires, you won’t flinch from facing harsh pavement or exploring uncharted roads.
R2 Ultegra 6800*
R3 All Day, All Roads, All Round With three Paris-Roubaix victories and multiple Editors’ Choice Awards, the R3 continues to outperform expectations. With what Bicycling terms a “satisfying combination of efficient pedaling, reliable components, and lively handling,” the R3 surprises with a lightweight frame that responds to every pedal stroke. Bottom line: the renowned ride quality of the R3 now delivers additional aero and stiffness benefits — with no compromises.   Innovations that work Using the Rca-engineered Squoval family of tube shapes, the R3 increases torsional stiffness for precise handling. Sleek, internal Future-Proof cable routing enables easy setup and maintenance to get you onto the road quickly — and the consistent performance to keep you there.
R3 Ultegra 6800*
€ 3499,00
The Ultimate Lightweight Engineering The R5 project goal was to incorporate all of our Project California advanced structural engineering into a production model. Our Project California focus has always been to create the ultimate stiffness to weight (STW) bike. And since aerodynamics are so important, our target was to improve the aerodynamics of the bike without compromising on stiffness, weight, or ride quality Weight Precision engineering means we use the right material in the right amount in the right place. Our real-world testing and Project California structural engineering expertise has resulted in layup techniques that allow us to save weight in certain areas on the frame, without sacrificing safety or stiffness. By testing real load cases while riding, we see exactly where loads on the frame allow us to save weight by removing material. .
Stiffness The R5 is designed to enhance stiffness where it matters for better handling and power transmission. Crisp and communicative handling come from Evolved Steerer Design, and our BBright bottom bracket offers a 9.5% increase in BB stiffness. With our new Project California-developed fork, our structural engineers have effectively decoupled lateral and longitudinal fork stiffness, delivering a 15% increase in lateral stiffness and a 7% decrease in longitudinal stiffness.
R5 Ultegra 6800*
Cervelo R3 Ultegra 6800 Disc
R3 Ultegra 6800 Disc
R3 Disc Beyond the brakes Cervélo doesn’t embrace new technology just because it’s available and popular. Integrating disc brakes into the Tour de France-winning R3 meant a lot more than simply slapping them on. First, the technology had to be on track for UCI approval — the R3 is a renowned road-racing force, after all. Then we needed time to test, test and test again to ensure the optimal balance in aerodynamics, weight, stiffness and all the other factors that separate Cervélo from the competition. Fact is, details matter when changes are made to iconic frames, which is why you can trust us when we say that the R3 Disc is well worth the wait.
€ 4899,00
Framemaat 56 cm in voorraad
Uitgevoerd met: Shimano Ultegra Di2 Fulcrum Racing 5.5 wielset ROTOR 30F Crankstel  Fizik Antares zade
R3 Di 2 € 5199,00
R3 Di 2
 Uitgevoerd met: Champagnolo Super Record Campagnolo Shamal Mille wielset Framemaat 56 cm
Nu voor € 4499,00
R3 Limited Edition Black
R3 Limited Edition Black
Framemaat 58 cm in voorraad
R3 Ultegra 6800
Framemaat 56 cm in voorraad
€ 6450,00
Framemaat 56 cm in voorraad
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Framemaat 56 cm in voorraad
R3 Ultegra 8000
€ 3499,00
R3 Disc Ultegra 8000
€ 3999,00
Framemaat 61 cm in voorraad
Framemaat 58 cm in voorraad
€ 8499,00
R5  E-TAP Disc
 R3 A classic Game-Changer The new R3 combines pro pedigree and elite performance to thrilling effect. Lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic than ever thanks to new Squoval Max tube shapes, its top-shelf specs, versatile race fit and stable, responsive handling will have you seeking out hard hills and devouring cobblestones with complete confidence. LIGHTER, FASTER, BETTER Take a super-stiff carbon frameset engineered for exceptionally low weight, add an innovative new handling geometry that boosts stability and responsiveness, and those epic climbs will quickly disappear behind you as your confidence soars.
Di2 8000 € 4499,00
 R3 Disc A Classic Game-Changer The R3 Disc can win on any road, especially now that integrated disc-brake technology and new Squoval Max tube shapes have improved stiffness, handling and aerodynamics while making the bike lighter than ever before. The R3 Disc exudes confidence — and confidence is everything.
Di2 8000 € 4999,00
 R5 Disc REINVENTING THE CLASSIC Whether you’re attacking epic climbs or speeding over cobblestones, the R5 Disc will help you survive, thrive and dominate. This ultra-lightweight race machine sets new benchmarks for performance, usability and confidence-boosting control thanks to integrated disc- brake technology, a new pro fit, unrivalled stiffness, stable and responsive handling, and myriad aero enhancements.
Nu voor € 3899,00