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An SES featured climbing wheel featuring the latest in ENVE brake track technology, available as a tubeless clincher or tubular.
2.2 Rim Shape Explained The SES 2.2 is the ultimate climbing wheel with a rim profile that provides total stability even in extreme weather conditions and adds speed over wheels designed with only lightness in mind. At ENVE we insist on complete performance, so even this super-light rim was developed in the wind tunnel. With low weight the top priority, the 2.2 is the only wheel in the SES range with equal front and rear dimensions. The 2.2 has a 25mm depth and a 27mm external width that’s optimized for 25mm tires, giving more comfort, faster rolling and confident grip when you’re descending back down the mountain. Need to know: • Ultra-light climbing wheels • Wind tunnel developed • Shaped for total stability even in high winds • Aero advantage over wheels designed for lightness alone • Optimized for 25mm tires
Textured Full Carbon Brake Track With near equal wet and dry performance, 30% less lever force required for the same stopping power and exceptional heat management, it’s no wonder that BikeRadar.com said our latest brake track “sets new standards for carbon wheels”. Your rim brake bike will be given a huge braking performance boost. There are three elements, all the product of relentless research and development. First is the molded-in brake surface texture which provides more friction and allows water to be cleared almost instantly. Second is the advanced high-temp resin system which eliminates the heat build-up issues that other carbon clinchers can suffer, so you can ride long descents with total confidence. Third is our unique ENVE Black pad compound which is designed to work with the molded texture to provide incredible all-weather stopping power along with good durability. Need to know: • The best carbon braking, period. Near equal wet and dry performance • 30% less lever force required for the same stopping power • Advanced high-temp resin system eliminates heat build-up issues during heavy   braking on long descents • Specific ENVE Black Carbon Brake Pads included
SES 3.4 Carbon Fiber Wheelset
De vanaf prijs type 2.2 - 3.4 4.5 - 5.6 =   2900,00
SES 3.4 Carbon Fiber Wheelset  -  1372.00g
SES 3.4 Disc Carbon Fiber Wheelset
SES 3.4 Disc Carbon Fiber Wheelset  -  1420.00g
SES 4.5 Carbon Fiber Wheelset 1328.00g The ultimate everyday carbon fiber cycling wheelset and choice of Team Dimension Data.
SES 4.5 Carbon Fiber Wheelset
SES 4.5 Carbon Fiber Wheelset SES 3.4 Carbon Fiber Wheelset SES 3.4 Disc Carbon Fiber Wheelset