GTR Team starting price 1258,00 € ITALIAN TECHNOLOGY TAKING IT TO THE NEXT EVOLUTION Whether you race or not, the GTR SL or GTR TEAM is aimed for the rider who needs a bike for multiple uses. Light and responsive for the racer, yet comfortable and versatile for those who enjoy cycling without stress. The GTR SL and GTR TEAM are identical in geometry and sizing, coming from the same carbon mold. They differ in the carbon composition: GTR SL uses a 60 TON / 46 TON carbon blend, to produce a frame weight of 990 grams. The GTR TEAM uses a 46 TON / 30 TON carbon blend, producing a frame weight of 1190 grams. Utilizing Wilier Triestina’s carbon expertise, two frames can be offered with the same construction technologies but with a difference in weight, performance, and price. GTR SL has been appointed as Bike of the Year by influential British Cycling Plus magazine: "Wilier’s GTR SL is stiff and light, it’s super lively when you stomp on the pedals, but it radiates with a balanced smoothness that passes the “cattle grid test” with flying colours. It has a good solid equipment spec"
Code Drivetrain model Wheelset Price W707 FRAME KIT FRAME KIT 1258,00 € W717 FRAME KIT GTR TEAM END. FRAME KIT GTR TEAM ENDURANCE 1308,00 € W707UR Shimano Ultegra 6800 Shimano RS-010 2398,00 € W7072R Shimano Ultegra 2.0 Shimano RS-010 2198,00 € W7075R Shimano 105, 11S Shimano RS-010 1998,00 € W7071R Shimano 105 2.0, 11S Shimano RS-010 1879,00 € W707FA Sram Force 22 Mavic Aksium 2098,00 € W707VM Campagnolo Veloce Miche GTRX1 1699,00 € W707ZH Campagnolo Potenza 11S Campagnolo Khamsin 2298,00 €
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