Cento1NDR is the new racing bicycle that joins the Wilier Triestina Endurance range. The geometries of the frame and the particular construction of the rear chainstays guarantee the cyclist a feeling of racing comfort: pure performance without having to give up comfort. Staying in the saddle for a long time will be much less tiring: the rear triangle was sized and designed for maximum absorption of the stress generated on the vertical plane, usually caused by imperfections in the road surface. The transfer of pedal power is guaranteed with maximum efficiency thanks to a torsional stiffness comparable to racing frames. As with the Cento10NDR, the Cento1NDR can also be equipped with direct mount type brake callipers or flat mount disc brakes.
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Code Drivetrain model Wheelset Price
RACING COMFORT Startingprice 2300,00€
E011 KIT TELAIO CENTO1NDR DISC / CENTO1NDR DISC FRAME KIT Compare 2400,00 € E011LN SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 8070 WILIER TRIESTINA NDR38KC CARBON Compare 5200,00 € E011L5 SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 8070 FULCRUM RACING 500 Compare 4650,00 € E011L1 SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 8070 SHIMANO RS170 Compare 4500,00 € E011FN SRAM FORCE eTAP AXS DISC 2x12XDR WILIER TRIESTINA NDR38KC CARBON Compare 5200,00 € E011FS SRAM FORCE eTAP AXS DISC 2x12XDR MICHE SYNTIUM Compare 4500,00 € E011UN SHIMANO ULTEGRA 8020 WILIER TRIESTINA NDR38KC CARBON Compare 4000,00 € E011U5 SHIMANO ULTEGRA 8020 FULCRUM RACING 500 Compare 3450,00 € E011U1 SHIMANO ULTEGRA 8020 SHIMANO RS170 Compare 3300,00 € E0115N SHIMANO 105 R7020 WILIER TRIESTINA NDR38KC CARBON Compare 3400,00 € E01155 SHIMANO 105 R7020 FULCRUM RACING 500 Compare 2850,00 € E01151 SHIMANO 105 R7020 SHIMANO RS170 Compare 2700,00 € E008 KIT TELAIO CENTO1NDR RIM / CENTO1NDR RIM FRAME KIT Compare 2400,00 € E008LN SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 8050 WILIER TRIESTINA NDR38KC CARBONR Compare 5100,00 € E008L5 SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 8050 FULCRUM RACING 500 Compare 4300,00 € E008UN SHIMANO ULTEGRA 8000 WILIER TRIESTINA NDR38KC CARBONR Compare 3900,00 € E008U5 SHIMANO ULTEGRA 8000 FULCRUM RACING 500 Compare 3000,00 € E008UR SHIMANO ULTEGRA 8000 SHIMANO RS100 Compare 2750,00 € E0085R SHIMANO 105 R7000 SHIMANO RS100 Compare 2300,00 €
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