Lightweight Fernweg evo Schwartz/red


Type: Weg/Race
Velghoogte: 85 of 63 mm
Gewicht: 85 mm 1765 gr – 63 mm 1695 gr



The advantages and disadvantages of an Aero wheel set

When it comes to aerodynamics, wheels play a decisive role, but only at high speeds from around 40 km/h. Rim height and aerodynamics are inseparably linked. The high rim dissipates the airflow better, thus ensuring less drag and you can put more speed on the road. Additionally every racing bike with high-profile wheels looks faster and more aggressive and becomes a real eye-catcher on the road. High profile wheels are the epitome of a fast and beautiful aero or time trial bike.

A disadvantage of these wheels, however, is that the height of the rim makes them more sensitive to strong crosswinds. Furthermore, the weight often increases because the wheel has a higher rim.

The high art is to find the perfect mix and balance between handling, weight, aerodynamics and wind sensitivity. Every manufacturer finds his own way here and implements his own standards and ideas of the perfect wheel.

Available in numerous variants

The new FERNWEG is available in the two rim heights 63 mm and 85 mm. The rim can be ordered in the non-disc version (rim brake) as clincher or tubular version and in the disc version, as tubeless version (FERNWEG EVO). The standard version is optionally available with a white or red label. In addition, the FERNWEG Black ED is available with a CeramicSpeed bearing, a black hub thrust piece on the front wheel and a black label.

  • for tubular tyres (Lighweight FERNWEG T Tubular ), clincher tyres (Lightweight FERNWEG C Clincher) or tubeless/tubular (FERNWEG EVO)
  • Rim brakes or disc brakes (EVO)
  • Carbon rim with 63 mm or carbon rim with 85 mm high profile
  • Front wheel rim brake 16 spokes, front wheel disc brake (EVO) 20 spokes
  • Rear wheel rim or disc brake 20 spokes each
  • New design with red or white lightweight label
  • The SchwarzED (Black Edition) offers additional – simple clarity through understatement: spokes, rim and logos in black, greater durability and lower rolling resistance through CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings

Every Lightweight wheelset is carefully handmade in Germany. This can lead to slight variations in surface structure and colour. This is a characteristic quality feature of this particularly high-quality production method. Lightweight stands for high-end quality Made in Germany.

Schakelsysteem: SRAM 11 – SRAM12 – Shimano 11 – SH11/SR11