Leightweight Wegweiser evo


Type: Weg/Race
Velghoogte: 36 mm
Gewicht: 1450 gr



Wegweiser EVO Disc Tubeless Wheelset Information

The Lightweight Wegweiser EVO Disc Tubeless Wheelset is an incredibly high end pair of wheels that are made with a special machine process. The rims of these wheels are produced from a unique machine, leading to an exact height of 36mm and width of 24mm. The process assures there is no variation in the production of the wheels, resulting in the perfect product every time. Carbon spokes are glued by hand at both the front and rear, promoting some of the most precise braking in the world. A Pentagon Hub System also improves braking performance and increases safety on long descents. All of this leads to a very comfortable wheel that requires very little maintenance for your disc brake bike.

In addition to their comfortable and convenient nature, the Lightweight Wegweiser EVO Disc wheels come in at a very low weight. They are just 1,450 grams for the pair, making them ready for high level road riding. High modular CFRP fibers were used in the carbon construction, creating a very stiff platform. This technology improves acceleration and contributes to flawless steering. Combining this innovation with tubeless technology, riders can count on amazing brake control and durability in all weather conditions. With a lower rotating mass, the smoothest and most efficient ride is always possible. The Lightweight Wegweiser EVO Disc Tubeless Wheelset is an elite addition to your favorite bike.


Weight 685 grams (front); 765 grams (rear); 1,450 grams (total)
Material Carbon Fiber
Rim Dimensions 36mm (depth); 18.2/24mm (internal/external width)
Spokes 20 (front); 20 (rear); carbon
Tire Compatibility tubeless (23-32mm)
Brake Type Disc, centerlock
Axle System 12/100 (front); 12/142 (rear)
Hub DT Swiss innovative pentagon hub