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9th Wave Avalon 50

The Avalon 50 Ninefold is the ultimate disc brake specific, aerodynamic, and lightweight carbon road race wheelset, but then even lighter! It is designed to be the perfect lightweight wheel with an aero advantage.

9th wave avalon 50 fietswiel

ENVE SES 4.5 AR Disc

The SES 4.5 AR Disc is an uncompromising aero wheel designed specifically for disc brake equipped bikes and large volume 28 to 30mm TUBELESS road tires.

enve ses 4.5 ar disc fietswiel

Lightweight Wegweiser Evo

Wegweiser Evo takes it one step further by combining high modular CFRP fibres with tubeless technology to achieve not only increased acceleration, more precise handling and breathtaking braking control, but also improved comfort during the ride. The low rim height proves to be crucial in bad weather conditions as it reduces vulnerability to side winds while improving handling properties.

lightweight wegweiser evo fietswiel