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REDEFINES THE LIMITS The Cento1 Hybrid was designed to re-imagine the traditional limits of usability of a high-level racing bike: a product that combines the special distinctive traits of Wilier Triestina products with the cutting-edge intelligence of the lightest servo-assistance system on the market. The result is a true racing bike with pedal assistance which weighs just 11,9 kilograms - a record in the e-road category. GET YOURS The first intelligent racing bike created with a specific mission: to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy the emotions that only a high-end racing bicycle can offer. Cento1 Hybrid was designed for you, whoever you are: Get yours!
Cento1 Hybrid Maat L is in voorraad als testfiets. Voor € 75,00 is deze Wilier beschikbaar als testfiets. Bel of mail voor meer informatie. De € 75,00 wordt gecrediteerd bij aanschaf
Kleur: Black/Red matt
starting price 4500,00 €
Testfiets beschikbaar